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Successful Non-12 Step Drug Rehab Treatment In California

Successful Drug Rehab in California

The research is abundantly clear. Though there are approximately 2,000 drug rehab centers throughout California, most have shockingly high relapse rates. The majority of rehab centers apply treatment programs which have been undeniably proven to be ineffective. Some of California's "popular" rehab programs report success rates less than 10%. That means more than a 90% relapse rate!

Locating a successful California drug rehab program amid so many poor performing treatment facilities can be nothing short of a gamble. Adding in such things as personal preferences, needs and specific situations increases the confusion one must wade through when trying to find the best alcohol and/or drug rehab program for their condition. The decision of where and with what method of rehabilitation to receive can mean the difference between successfully overcoming drug addiction and relapsing. Let us help you understand your options and help you match your needs to available CA treatment programs.

With traditional rehab methods failing miserably with low success rates, alternative CA drug treatment has been gaining popularity due to their amazing results. Such rehabilitation programs as drug replacement therapy (which simply swaps an addict's addiction from one drug to another), 12 step AA / NA programs (indoctrinating the addict to believe they're powerless to an incurable disease and relapse is expected), or 30 day treatment programs do little to truly resolve the root issues of the addiction - and actually run the risk of producing harm.

Of the alternative holistic drug rehab methods in California, non-12step drug rehab centers have been consistently producing the best results for several decades. Drug and alcohol treatment is usually bundled with a biophysical drug rehab program. When these two methods are used in conjunction, success rates across these centers exceed 70%. Needless to say dependency counselors have been excited watching these centers gain popularity.

California's non 12 Step drug rehab treatment uses one-on-one counseling techniques to get to the underlying reasons why the person started abusing drugs or alcohol and continues to use them as an escape. As well as focuses on rehabilitating the individual with life building techniques. Teaching how to handle everyday situations confidently without feeling the need to relapse.

While non-12 step rehab treatment addresses the individual; biophysical rehab addresses the body's physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. Through holistic means, biophysical drug rehab programs cleanse the body of all drug residue stored within the body's fatty tissue through a gradient process. This drug residue is often the catalyst of a person's cravings to continue using. By removing these toxins, the body is healthier, calmer, and not producing those urges. This gives the individual a much greater chance of staying clean and living a productive life.

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